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My Personal Blog

At the time of writing, it’s been about 3 weeks since I rejoined tsū social network. Tsū version 2’ was relaunched last year after an absence of a few years. Back then I was really happy user of the platform, I made some friends and was collaborating on a few little projects with some very talented people.

So I was really happy to hear they had brought it back. I’ve reconnected with a couple of people and have been enjoying taking part in this beta phase of the new platform, and making a few pennies each day doing so. It’s a great time to join because we the users get to take part in the shaping of the new platform, and what’s possible for the online social networks of the future.

So I decided for now — with some exceptions — to focus on publishing my work exclusively on the tsū platform, and to share elsewhere later on. My tsū profile is my everyday blog now. I have been posting my photography, art work, thoughts, videos there. It’s a vibrant mix, and I am happy for it to be eclectic in nature.

Information on how to join me on tsū, and follow my work is here:

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