I’m really looking forward to Autumn! Aug 25, 2023 Blots & New Blots I feel like I can almost smell it already.. Confusion Aug 23, 2023 Blots & New Blots I have been listening to the world telling me my confusion is something wrong with me that needs fixing. And that I should heal it. But the Rabbit Hole Plastic Soul (lyric- Arcade Fire) Aug 2, 2023 Blots & Snaps & New Blots & sketchbook & biros Preview of my new Blot Template Jul 28, 2023 Blot & This Website & Blots & New Blots I expect this will go live soon, and I will continue tinkering. But I’m quite happy with how it’s turning out. It’s the stock Blog template, with A String of Miracles Jul 27, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Being Me & Blots & New Blots I had a nice little wander in the rain this morning and decided to record a vlog. Just a little chat by the pond about following our own path. Click In Years to Come Jul 26, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Blots & New Blots In years to come, Humans will be amazed that they allowed Mind to run their lives. Lone Wolf PodVlog Jul 24, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Being Me & Blots & New Blots Join me for a Monday morning hangout with a chat about the week and an oracle card reading. Recorded 23 July 2023. Link: Lone Wolf No More Blot Notes Jul 18, 2023 This Website & Blots & New Blots I’ve been pretty busy tinkering in the background with Blot. I don’t really know what I’m going but I enjoy figuring it out as I go along. A new Life Reviews and Assessments PodVlog on Being Me Jul 17, 2023 Being Me & PodVlogs & My Spiritual Life This is a test post Jul 16, 2023 Blots and as far as this post is concerned, things may get messy Little People Jul 16, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Blots & New Blots After finding Todd again on his new Soulogy platform. I have been listening and watching quite a few streams on Soulogy Network over the last few Wham on Netflix Jul 15, 2023 Blots & New Blots I just watched the Wham! documentary on Netflix. I found it very inspiring! I really love seeing the journeys that artists take to overcome their Fluffy Clouds - when I was a kid I used to imagine seeing lands and mountains in the clouds, places in the sky maybe I could go for real Jul 15, 2023 Blots & New Blots & Snaps & Mountains In The Sky & Dreaming Trees Leaning Over Me Jul 13, 2023 Blots & New Blots & Snaps & Nature Comment I left on "Mr. Beast's Transgender Agenda" (A Viewer Requested Video) by Daniel Batal May 8, 2023 Blots & New Blots Comment I left on “Mr. Beast’s Transgender Agenda” (A Viewer Requested Video) by Daniel Batal Hey Daniel and anyone else reading I have made my own I recorded a short-ish vlog a couple days ago May 7, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Conspiracy Theories & Blots & New Blots Trans Truths And Conspiracy Theories, and I realise since publishing just how important it is for me I watched Paris, Texas last night. It was amazing! May 7, 2023 Movies & Blots & New Blots I watched Paris, Texas (1984) last night. It was amazing! I loved the pacing and photography most of all. Just a gentle story revealing a man’s Was Powder/Jynx Borderline? Apr 28, 2023 Blots & New Blots I’m rewatching Arcane on Netflix tonight and after the first 3 episodes finding myself quite intensely ‘triggered’ by changes.. Apr 25, 2023 Being Me Accepting My Disabilities Apr 4, 2023 My Spiritual Life & PodVlog & Blots Asking my depression, what are you showing me? In this one I’m talking about Presence, and other stuff. Audio version:
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