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Preview of my new Blot Template Jul 28, 2023 Blot & This Website & Blots & New Blots I expect this will go live soon, and I will continue tinkering. But I’m quite happy with how it’s turning out. It’s the stock Blog template, with Blot Notes Jul 18, 2023 This Website & Blots & New Blots I’ve been pretty busy tinkering in the background with Blot. I don’t really know what I’m going but I enjoy figuring it out as I go along. A new How to Subscribe to Mar 8, 2023 This Website & Blots On this page I describe the various ways you can keep up with what I’m posting on this website. Because it’s a blog, almost every page is a post. Ulysses and Blot Mar 3, 2023 Being A Creator & This Website & Blots So, I am beginning to get into some kind of writing flow. For me it seems key to remove myself from social media whilst engaging my creative side. About This Website Feb 26, 2023 This Website & Blots If anyone is reading this. Here are some notes about this blog, the platform that hosts it, and how to navigate it, and subscribe. this blog is

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