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I deactivated my Facebook Mar 21, 2022 Facebook & Spirituality & Self-Love & #StatusUpdates I think I will be gone for months. Maybe forever. I don’t know. It felt good to decide to do it. But as I was doing it, I felt quite a lot of grief I am going to deactivate my facebook for a while Mar 17, 2022 Facebook & Mental Health & Healing & Creativity & Spirituality & StatusUpdates & #NorthSoulStar I don’t know when I will be back xx I will deactivate in a few days. I will be gone for a long My Comment on a Facebook Post by Summairu Isaac About Bentinho Massaro Mar 14, 2022 Bentinho Massaro & Self-Realisation & Spirituality & #NorthSoulStar Link: These revelations have been very distressing. I've had a series of wake up calls this year Oct 5, 2021 Spirituality & Beliefs & Shadow & Light & #NorthSoulStar I’ve had a series of wake up calls this year. And realisations. One of them is how I have been giving my power away to stories. And even though I’m Some days are game changing Oct 1, 2021 Spirituality & Shadow & Light & #StatusUpdates Today is one of those days. It’s 11:55 and I already feel clear, free, connected, and light as a feather! I do the work

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