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I’m really looking forward to Autumn! Aug 25, 2023 Blots & New Blots I feel like I can almost smell it already.. Confusion Aug 23, 2023 Blots & New Blots I have been listening to the world telling me my confusion is something wrong with me that needs fixing. And that I should heal it. But the Rabbit Hole Plastic Soul (lyric- Arcade Fire) Aug 2, 2023 Blots & Snaps & New Blots & sketchbook & biros Preview of my new Blot Template Jul 28, 2023 Blot & This Website & Blots & New Blots I expect this will go live soon, and I will continue tinkering. But I’m quite happy with how it’s turning out. It’s the stock Blog template, with A String of Miracles Jul 27, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Being Me & Blots & New Blots I had a nice little wander in the rain this morning and decided to record a vlog. Just a little chat by the pond about following our own path. Click In Years to Come Jul 26, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Blots & New Blots In years to come, Humans will be amazed that they allowed Mind to run their lives. Lone Wolf PodVlog Jul 24, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Being Me & Blots & New Blots Join me for a Monday morning hangout with a chat about the week and an oracle card reading. Recorded 23 July 2023. Link: Lone Wolf No More Blot Notes Jul 18, 2023 This Website & Blots & New Blots I’ve been pretty busy tinkering in the background with Blot. I don’t really know what I’m going but I enjoy figuring it out as I go along. A new About Me and This Website Pages & About & Blots This is the personal log of Aeryn North. Themes are spirituality; healing; awakening; and all that kooky stuff. Also I hope to post some of my art This is a test post Jul 16, 2023 Blots and as far as this post is concerned, things may get messy Little People Jul 16, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Blots & New Blots After finding Todd again on his new Soulogy platform. I have been listening and watching quite a few streams on Soulogy Network over the last few Wham on Netflix Jul 15, 2023 Blots & New Blots I just watched the Wham! documentary on Netflix. I found it very inspiring! I really love seeing the journeys that artists take to overcome their Fluffy Clouds - when I was a kid I used to imagine seeing lands and mountains in the clouds, places in the sky maybe I could go for real Jul 15, 2023 Blots & New Blots & Snaps & Mountains In The Sky & Dreaming Trees Leaning Over Me Jul 13, 2023 Blots & New Blots & Snaps & Nature Comment I left on "Mr. Beast's Transgender Agenda" (A Viewer Requested Video) by Daniel Batal May 8, 2023 Blots & New Blots Comment I left on “Mr. Beast’s Transgender Agenda” (A Viewer Requested Video) by Daniel Batal Hey Daniel and anyone else reading I have made my own I recorded a short-ish vlog a couple days ago May 7, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Conspiracy Theories & Blots & New Blots Trans Truths And Conspiracy Theories, and I realise since publishing just how important it is for me I watched Paris, Texas last night. It was amazing! May 7, 2023 Movies & Blots & New Blots I watched Paris, Texas (1984) last night. It was amazing! I loved the pacing and photography most of all. Just a gentle story revealing a man’s Was Powder/Jynx Borderline? Apr 28, 2023 Blots & New Blots I’m rewatching Arcane on Netflix tonight and after the first 3 episodes finding myself quite intensely ‘triggered’ by Accepting My Disabilities Apr 4, 2023 My Spiritual Life & PodVlog & Blots Asking my depression, what are you showing me? In this one I’m talking about Presence, and other stuff. Audio version: Substack Feature Creep Mar 18, 2023 Being A Creator & Blots I’ve been publishing on Substack for a few years now. I’m only a casual creator on that platform, but I’m at the point after 4 years that as they One Year Later Mar 18, 2023 My Spiritual Life & PodVlog & Blots [5 days later - this was difficult to get out the door] Video version: Audio version: How to Subscribe to Mar 8, 2023 This Website & Blots On this page I describe the various ways you can keep up with what I’m posting on this website. Because it’s a blog, almost every page is a post. Some Days I Really, Really Do Not Want to Be Trans Mar 4, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Identity & Blots Some days I really, really do not want to be trans1. If I could choose, I would not be trans at all. It’s not something I particularly want. If Ulysses and Blot Mar 3, 2023 Being A Creator & This Website & Blots So, I am beginning to get into some kind of writing flow. For me it seems key to remove myself from social media whilst engaging my creative side. Two Odd Things Feb 27, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Blots But two very odd things happened today. One thing was that someone asked me a very simple question and I got hugely triggered. Just internally. I To Just Stay Awake Feb 27, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Blots It’s been a massively intense day for me. But I’m still showing up for life. I am finding more than ever that my awareness practice is becoming more About This Website Feb 26, 2023 This Website & Blots If anyone is reading this. Here are some notes about this blog, the platform that hosts it, and how to navigate it, and subscribe. this blog is Whistleblowers Came Forward Feb 26, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Blots I am finding I have to really dig into spiritual practice more than ever now, otherwise I feel like I’m losing it. I had a weird thing with it last Latte Spirit Feb 21, 2023 Daily Life & Images & Blots I found this little critter after I stirred my latte. (The barista did not create any art prior to this.) I Am Open to the Future Feb 21, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Blots I have been having a good morning so far. I listened to a new morning meditation almost as soon as I wake up. I have been doing a presence course / Building Instead of Fixing Feb 20, 2023 My Spiritual Life & Blots It’s Monday afternoon 20th of February, 3 pm-ish and I’m sitting here with my bum on the ground next to a pond in the park. I’m contemplating what’s Rolling Snowballs Feb 19, 2023 Being A Creator & Blots I’m beginning again. Again. Here marks the first post on my new blog. I’ve been here before. I’ve made blogs before. I want to make this my space.

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