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A Little Beacon on My Way Home Mar 29, 2022 Goals & Weeds Are Beautiful Too & Loneliness & Creative Writing & Self Expression & Embracing Shadow & Melancholy & #ArtByAeryn By the side of the path, Dandelion does not worry about how big, or grand, or beautiful she is. She is happy to be a weed. Happy to be ignored, Being gentle is the hardest thing Mar 28, 2022 Trauma & Healing & Self Love & Gentleness & Poem & #ArtByAeryn In a world of rough edges I learned from the best To have high expectations Of people who suffer Just the same as Morning Nature Soundscape - A Few Moments To Chill Mar 19, 2022 Video & Abney Hall Park & Soundscape & Chill & #ArtByAeryn Ten minutes of chill At Abney Hall Park, Cheshire, UK. #Soundscape #Birdsong #WhiteNoise #Meditation #Chill #Nature #Wind #Trees #Ducks #Planes.

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