This is the personal log of Aeryn North.

Themes are spirituality; healing; awakening; and all that kooky stuff. Also I hope to post some of my art and photography too. I also might use this to self-promote, and talk about other off-topic’ things.

I’m in my 40s, live in Manchester, UK. I’m on the spectrum, have some difficulties navigating life and this world (don’t we all?), and am trans. My pronouns are she/her.

I might talk about trans issues a bit here, but generally it’s not something I focus on. It’s just something I prefer to keep private for the most part.

This Blog

It’s not a blog really. And it’s not a social network. There are no comments, likes, or upvotes. It’s a log; a journal; a notebook.

It’s a series of blots. Not tweets, not posts. Blots.


  • the name of the service I use to publish1 this site
  • an accidental splash of ink
  • a stain, or blemish (on a surface, or a person’s character)
  • to absorb a liquid when cleaning

This is a side-blog for my platform Being Me on Substack. You can comment, chat, or interact with me over there. It’s free, but email sign-up is required.

Things might get messy here sometimes. So my apologies in advance for any potential broken links and glitches. I like to tinker in the background, but sometimes I’m learning as I go (I am not a coder but I dabble sometimes).

There are more notes on this post: About This Website. I guess I will move some of that information onto this page sometime soon.

  1. And thank you to Blot for giving me a name for these posts↩︎

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