But two very odd things happened today.

One thing was that someone asked me a very simple question and I got hugely triggered. Just internally. I mean, it’s completely understandable, but it made me see again just how massively unsafe I feel right now regarding identity. And how divisive it is to talk about trans issues, or even to just be transgender. I just feel a lot of fear right now about the future. For myself of course, but also for the community.

And the way people (on both sides’) are being used and manipulated to elevate fear in the collective is astonishing.

The other odd thing was a lady saying hello to me today whilst I was in the village with my son. She seemed to know me — she knew my name – but didn’t wait for me to put my glasses on and reply. I don’t see well without them on so by the time I realised she was actually talking to me and had put my glasses on to see her she had turned away and was shaking her head. I got another look at her and I can’t place her at all. I honestly have no idea who she is. It was such an odd little event.

You know when these little things feel so much more significant than they appear on the surface? It’s been one of those days.

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