Substack Feature Creep

I’ve been publishing on Substack for a few years now. I’m only a casual creator on that platform, but I’m at the point after 4 years that as they have added so much functionality I am finding myself more and more confused by it all. Overwhelmed, even.

I think they’ve made an excellent product. But as the years have rolled by, in my opinion they’ve simply added way too much stuff. I’m at the point now where I’m considering leaving the platform and trying something else. But I’m not sure what.

I’m very happy with my little Blot blog. But I have a podcast, and I want an email delivery platform too. Substack is perfect for that.

But every time I (infrequently) log in the dashboard has changed, things have moved around and functionality has shifted. More and more features are added. And the amount of work required increases. Pop-ups or banners are constantly reminding me about something new to try. Just to stay up-to-date with the platform.

But I want to simply publish. I don’t want a huge overhead of effort just to get a new post out the door.

(Just a rant. I think I will have to spend some quality time with it and work it all out again).

March 18, 2023