I Am Open to the Future

I have been having a good morning so far. I listened to a new morning meditation almost as soon as I wake up.

I have been doing a presence course / practice each day.

I have found both teachers triggering recently. But only from that place — 3D — I guess.

Once I am experiencing coherence. Once I am conscious. It just makes sense. It is real.

So right now I am in coherence. I am awake. And I am grateful.

I am open to the future instead of stuck in the past. I am able to reason. I am able to accept. I am able to create.

I recognise it’s a choice. And I have to choose to move on and let go. It’s hard. Because when I begin my practice it’s not real. It’s bullshit. Because in that world it’s true.

I am simply making a choice. I’m not denying (from here) that any of my problems’ are real. I am just deciding to build. I am deciding to be open. Open to guidance. Open to possibilities. Open to the quantum.

What I find amazing is just how different these two worlds are becoming. It is a bigger leap up. It is far more profound and there are many more subtleties.

I recognise that I could choose to remain in that world. But it is a world that is dying’ and I would die’ with it.

I have asked, prayed, demanded to live. And the guidance e has been clear since 2017.

I have at times deeply resisted, questioned, denied, and disbelieved. And that is totally okay. And some much needed healing work was done in those times. But now is the time to step forward.

This is not channeled. This is not copied. This is my truth from inside me. And my team is cheering me on.


  1. Transcribed from my handwritten journal↩︎

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