How to Subscribe to

How to subscribe to this blog and other channels, and a heads up for when you do

On this page I describe the various ways you can keep up with what I’m posting on this website.

Because it’s a blog, almost every page is a post. And every post can be delivered to you without the need for you to sign up for an email newsletter, or to some social network.

This website is algorithm-free and tracking-free. Which means you get to choose what you want to read, and how, and when. And you can do this completely anonymously (at least as far as I’m concerned).

Subscribe to the RSS feeds

Currently, there is a single RSS feed, and it contains all new posts. You can subscribe to this feed using any RSS reader app, or service of your choosing. Many of which are free. I can recommend some apps and will list them at the bottom of this page along with some basic instructions in case you need them.

I am working on implementing additional feeds of more curated content based on broad topics of interest. So you can choose between topics and ignore the rest. When they are ready I will announce them on this blog.

Email Newsletter

I have an email newsletter and podcast platform that is somewhat dormant but I’m thinking of using it to deliver posts on a regular-ish basis.

You can subscribe to it on this link and at some point you will receive something:


You can subscribe to either of my YouTube channels on these links:

Personal Vlog: @aeryn-me
‘Art’ Channel: @aeryn-art

Social Media

I am not really on social media any longer.

At the end of 2022, I deleted all my accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is unlikely I will return. You may find me elsewhere online but I am not really active — in the sense that I’m an active participant, even if you see me posting.

If you’re a friend of mine from a platform I left, I would love to hear from you. I tried to give plenty of warning that I was leaving so you should already have my contact details.

How To

Subscribe to this blog with a feed reader app, or service

There are many feed reading services, and apps out there. The underlying technology used to deliver new content to the reader is most commonly referred to as RSS. It used to be a popular way of keeping up-to-date with your favourite blogs and creators.

Unfortunately the attention economy’ demanded that RSS feeds were removed in favour of tracking, analytics, and monetisation strategies.

I’m happy to see it undergoing a bit of a resurgence, and rather than disappearing completely as I feared, I am seeing more services pop up.

Free RSS / Feed Reading apps and services

I recommend trying out one the following services if you are new to RSS.

  • NetNewsWire
    This is completely free but I think may only be for Apple devices. It’s the service I currently use. It’s reliable, easy to use, and simple like Google Reader was. I like that the content is stored locally (including iCloud so it’s synced between devices), and no-one is tracking what I read or subscribe to.
  • Inoreader
    I used this service for a couple of years and the free version suited me well. The only reason I switched to NetNewsWire was for increased privacy. I’m sure their privacy policy is perfectly respectable but I prefer to have an app that does not require me to have an account with them.
  • Feedly
    I used this for a long time following the demise of Google Reader. Free plan available.

How To RSS

Basically, you can share my blog with your RSS app and it should automatically find the feed. If not, you can add the feed link directly from within your app.

There are plenty of guides online.

Note: I am working on providing separate feeds with filtered, or curated content so you can ignore the content you’re not interested in. These will be announced sometime soon.

March 8, 2023