Comment I left on Mr. Beast’s Transgender Agenda” (A Viewer Requested Video) by Daniel Batal

Hey Daniel and anyone else reading I have made my own kinda response to this on my other channel. The video is called Trans Truths And Conspiracy Theories published a couple days ago if you wanna search for it. (I’m trans).

What I want to point out also is that there’s a lot of people online - commenters and content creators - who say things like I have no problem with trans people, but..” and then go on to reveal through their behaviour and words that they do in fact have a massive problem with trans people. They show that they are already biased and not open to discussion. They are not open to the understanding of what it’s like to live as a trans person, how we simply see gender, or identity differently. And they are not open to the fact that we (scientifically) don’t really know why people are trans so therefore the assumption is made that it’s bad, wrong, or an agenda.

I don’t want to be trans, but I am. I have to accept it so that I may live a somewhat normal life. I do my best day by day. But all this hate and abuse in the world is unacceptable.

Thank you again Daniel for making the video.

Up next I recorded a short-ish vlog a couple days ago Trans Truths And Conspiracy Theories, and I realise since publishing just how important it is for me
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