I’ve been pretty busy tinkering in the background with Blot. I don’t really know what I’m going but I enjoy figuring it out as I go along. A new template will be going live sometime soon I hope.

One of the main challenges for me has been to devise a low friction publishing workflow from any device. (I am writing this on my phone).

So far…

  1. I run a shortcut on my phone that asks for a date (or just uses Now) and a post title.
  2. The shortcut saves the file in my Dropbox as a draft post.
  3. I find the post in Ulysses
  4. I write the post and complete the metadata (which has been partially pre-populated by the shortcut)
  5. I move the file out of the drafts folder to a live folder’ which Blot then publishes
  6. At some point I save the file to my offline archives (although it will already be synced offline to my computer, I like to have everything together in my archives proper)

To do…

  • Update the shortcut to ask me to choose pre-defined metadata (such as tags)
  • More tinkering with the template before it goes live
    • I want the main feed, and entry page to look right before it goes live
      • Then I will update other pages such as archives
  • Create custom RSS feeds to assist my publishing workflow on other platforms.
  • Work some more on my photo publishing shortcut
  • Write. More. Often.


  • Make this site my go-to place to publish on-the-fly
  • That is super-easy to use to publish text AND images
  • And use it as a platform of notes, research, and thoughts
  • That may help me create larger projects
  • And actively form the structure for those potential projects


  • One of the main issues for me is how well Dropbox is supported by various iOS markdown apps. (Not very well). I like Ulysses but ouch £40/year.
  • This may be wider than a Dropbox issue. If Blot were to support iCloud I’m not sure my options would improve much.
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