About This Website

If anyone is reading this. Here are some notes about this blog, the platform that hosts it, and how to navigate it, and subscribe.

The Website

  • this blog is hosted on Blot
  • there is no commenting system
    • but I am open to installing one in the future
  • there is a RSS feed for this blog, if you want to subscribe
    • but the feed may become a little messy
    • and you need to use your own feed reader app, or service
    • I am thinking of providing more than one feed, or feeds based on tags (sections)
  • I quite like the template and look for the blog, but I may change it at some point
  • themes (sections) for the blog are listed on the Archives page
  • I also want to create standalone post collections

The Content

  • this is a personal blog
  • it is intended as a short-form online notepad, or journal
  • it is intended as an antidote to social media
    • a place where I am a creator rather than a consumer
    • a safe place where I feel comfortable being honest about myself and my life
    • a place away from the crowds of casual consumers, where only people who are genuinely interested will choose to subscribe, or follow my work
  • I also have an email newsletter, podcast, and vlog at


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