I just completed a 36 hour fast. I feel pretty good for it. Kinda empty and calm. I woke up calm for a change. 😮‍💨

#Fasting #MentalHealth #Food #ComfortEating #Trauma

After a pretty horrendous mental health week — and honestly I am far from out of it yet — my body was asking me for a reset. Problem is, when I’m on a downer, I turn to food for comfort.

But it takes a lot. Fasting can be a big deal. For me, it needs gentleness; self-forgiveness; a bit of preparation; and willingness to face my demons. And it’s been a long time since I last.

But this time I didn’t plan it. At all. Yesterday at some point I realised I was worrying so much about food, that I took the time to listen to my body. And it was saying I need a break”.

Taking time to listen to my body” sounds beautiful and fluffy: but it isn’t often this way for me. It’s usually borne from suffering, pain and anxiety. 🤷‍♀️

Tldr: it’s been a terrible couple of weeks for my mental health. Fasting helped. Gonna try again next week.


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