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2021-01-11 21:55

Transcendental Day

It’s been a wonderful day! One of those rare days — at least in the last few months — where I can truly say I went above and beyond, into new realms. Where I felt fully awake, conscious and honouring each moment. Even the difficult ones. And in this way at the end of my day, I somehow feel complete; and ready. For something: to move on, let go, be, rest.

It’s been a day of creation. And to top it off I took my camera out (on a whim) for a walk into the wet and early night. Trudging through the mud and rain, into the darkest parts of the park I experimented, feeling wildly inspired with every shot, marvelling at the beauty of each moment clicked, and the results hinted on the display on the back of my little camera. Skimming through my photos just now I was genuinely amazed and moved at what I have achieved. These shots really reflect what I was feeling, bringing back these narrow moments in time and space; they feel raw and wild; wondrous and pretty as fuck. Some of these photos may be up there with some of the best work I’ve ever done.

Now I can’t wait to continue this journey. This feels like a calling I’ve been aching for my whole life, finally crystallising into new avenues of creation and creativity.


Photography Creativity

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