I’ve had a series of wake up calls this year. And realisations. One of them is how I have been giving my power away to stories. And even though I’m conscious of that, I have still been doing it. It has been such a strong program for me — putting other people above me, and better than me — it’s just taking time and commitment to look after myself and nurture the light within. To allow it to grow rather than get snuffed out by beliefs in the programs and stories of the matrix, whether they are true or not. The dark stories AND the victory of the light stories. It’s not to deny them. It’s not to judge them good or bad. It’s just to choose for myself and not give myself over to the stories. But choose the light. And choose love. Every day. It’s a commitment I try to make every morning and I often forget. Then I end up looking on the socials and the feeds again for answers.

I’m not saying anyone is wrong, or anyone is right. There’s stuff that seems to be happening behind the scenes. But I don’t know, no one does really. We just are working this out together. But we have to start right here, finding our own light and connection beyond the mind games and truth seeking within the world.

I’ve been doing such deep shadow work this year, I’ve stumbled, fallen, got up, gone the wrong way, got mesmerised by the matrix, the light vs dark stories, waited for some event, found my way again, asked my mind or ego to figure it all out, fallen down again, and round and round I go. It’s ok. It’s all helped me, but it’s just time to allow the light, allow Source.

Up next I had an awesome day yesterday It was like all my judgements and thoughts just went away for a few hours. All I had was love of life, love of Every day is a new chance to have another go at life!
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