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2021-01-09 22:13

Blot The Second

This is my second time round as a Blot user. I’ve been trying to figure a good way to keep a notepad online. One that I can refer to for my own purposes, but that is also publicly available. I’ve been using Tiddlywiki for a while, and I love it. But for most readers, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and neither does it seem to play well with search engines and other web services. I do plan to maintain my wiki and pop it back up online at some point in the future. I need to figure out what I intend to use it for first.

Anyway. Hopefully I will settle on this platform and this website will become a useful and resourceful place for my notes, blogs, or whatever. It is not my primary publishing platform, but it should work really well for short-form content that doesn’t fit in my art projects, or spiritual projects.

I do really love that my Blot website content is entirely stored in my Dropbox account. I am writing in this in Ulysses directly into my Dropbox Blot folder (as a draft for now). I have set the folder up to write files in Markdown format rather than proprietary Ulysses file format. I’m not sure quite yet how the file format will work out, and how images will work, but guess I’ll find out soon enough. I think I might need to hide any embedded images from Blot with file names prepended with an underscore. I will have to figure some kind of workflow.


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